Helpful Articles & Videos to improve your modeling skills

Paint & Thinner Tutorial

John Figueroa & Jerry Lawson

LED Lighting Basics

John Figueroa

Panzer Grey Master Class

José Luis López and Iain Hamilton

Get that super high gloss finish

on your auto models

 Ed Mautner

Paint & Thinner Compatibility Chart

 Jerry Lawson

Photo Etch Basics

Jerry Lawson

Quo Vadis Modeler

A Technique for Visualizing the Finished Kit Before You Start.

José Luis López 

Award Winning Automotive Finishes

Darryl W. Peters

Find out what those IPMS National judges look for

 Mike Fleckenstein

A CO2 tank as an air source for Airbrushing

 Jerry Lawson

Scale Conversion using a copier

Paul Boyer

(via Vince Mankowski)

Make custom decals with your computer & printer

 Mike Fleckenstein

Get a professional finish

on your models

 Rafe Morrissey

How to effectively photograph your models for publication and presentations

 Mike Fleckenstein

Airbrushing -a two part series

 Chris Bowie

All About Airbrushes

 Rafe Morrissey