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Paint & Thinner Tutorial

John Figueroa & Jerry Lawson

How to effectively photograph your models for publication and presentations

 Mike Fleckenstein

Paint & Thinner Compatibility Chart

 Jerry Lawson

Photo Etch Basics

Jerry Lawson

Panzer Grey Master Class

José Luis López and Iain Hamilton

Get that super high gloss finish

on your auto models

 Ed Mautner

Quo Vadis Modeler

A Technique for Visualizing the Finished Kit Before You Start.

José Luis López 

Award Winning Automotive Finishes

Darryl W. Peters

Find out what those IPMS National judges look for

 Mike Fleckenstein

LED Lighting Basics

John Figueroa

A CO2 tank as an air source for Airbrushing

 Jerry Lawson

Scale Conversion using a copier

Paul Boyer

(via Vince Mankowski)

Make custom decals with your computer & printer

 Mike Fleckenstein

Get a professional finish

on your models

 Rafe Morrissey

Casting Figures in Resin

Ken LaSala

Airbrushing -a two part series

 Chris Bowie

All About Airbrushes

 Rafe Morrissey

Mask Cutting

Sunil Gupta

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