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MC23 Flyer.jpg

Model Classic 2022 Highlights

MC22-FHSCP-National Anthem.jpg

Fairfax HS Choral Patrons Opening Ceremonies

National Anthem

MC22-Award Presenters-Dani, Connie, Sophia.jpg

Award Presenters

Dani, Connie & Sophia

Best of  Show

MC22-Best of Show-Larry Valetz .jpg

Larry Valett

Best of Class Winners

MC22-Best Junior-Natalie Haller.jpeg

Best Junior-Nalalie Haller

MC22-Best Diorama-Mike Trentadue.jpg

Best Diorama-Mike Trentadue

MC22-Best AC-Nelson Kee.jpg

Best Aircraft-Nelson Kee

MC22-Best Military Vehicle-Caesar Rodriguez.jpg

Best Military Vehicle-Caesar Rodriguez

MC22-Best Space & SciFi-Douglas Corp.jpg

Best Space/Sci-Fi-Douglas Corp

MC22-Best Civilian Vehicle-Scott Bregi.jpg

Best Civilian Vehicle-Scott Bregi

MC22-Best Figure-David Hoffman.jpg

Best Figure-David Hoffman

MC22-Best Ship-Larry Valetz.jpg
MC22-Best Cold War-Andrew Frill.jpg

Best Cold War Aircraft Theme-Andrew Frill

Best Ship-Larry Valett

MC22-Best USAF Theme-Chris Derks.jpeg

Best USAF Aircraft Theme-Andrew Frill

MC22-Best Korea Theme-Matthew Lunn.jpeg

Best Korea Theme-Matthew Lunn

All model entries must be in place, in their appropriate category in the contest area, not later than 12 noon

Any model that has placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd or won Best of Class or Show at a previous Model Classic, or at another IPMS Regional or National contest can be entered for DISPLAY ONLY. (This does not apply to previous awards at other local contests, Merit Awards, or preclude entry in the Triathlon or Collection categories)

For specific questions about the show, please conact the appropriate individual

Model Classic Contacts

Chairperson:      Tim Barb                            

Vendors:          Tom Henderson              

Registration:    Scott Bricker                    

Contest:           Mike Fleckenstein          

Finances:         Jon Etherton                    

Concierge:       Bruce Bulin                    

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