Fairfax High School

3501 Lion Run (Formerly Rebel Run), Fairfax, VA


Northern Virginia Modelers

Contest Themes & Programs


October 11

Contest: Piggyback – Bring in any vehicle that could be piggybacked onto another vehicle,  e.g. Mistel, SR-71/D-21, Shuttle/747, etc.

Program: The World of Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Modeling) - by Emanuel Zweigel

November 9

Contest: Family portrait.  Bring in a collection of the same family of vehicles perhaps in different markings or variants.  e.g. Spitfires, A-4s, F-4s, B-17s, Sherman tanks, etc.

Program: TBA - by Chris Mikesh

December 14   Annual Holiday Party, Blind Gift Exchange, Food

Contest: Build the Same Subject – Supermarine Spitfire, M1 Abrams, Starship USS Enterprise, Stock Cars (All subjects can be any scale and any kit)


January 4

Contest:   Best of 2022

Program: US Cargo Aircraft - a Presentation by Don Dickson

February 1

Contest:   FAB/SIG - Models of Gerry Anderson, Space 1999, UFO, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, etc.

Program: TBD

March 1

Contest:   Island Hopping - WWII Pacific War

Program: TBD

April 5   

Contest:   Gimmicks - Any model with toy like working features

Program: TBD

May 3 

Contest:   Size Matters Not - Build the smallest model you can

Program: TBD

June 14 

Contest:   The War to end All Wars -  Any vehicle from WW I.

Program: TBD


Contest:   Tiger Meet - Any vehicle from a Tiger Meet event or with tiger like decor

Program: TBD


Contest:   Pixels - Any vehicle/figure with a pixel type camouflage or scheme

Program: TBD


Contest:   Classrooms - Any multi-seat vehicle used for military training

Program: TBD


Contest:   They Also Served - Any military support vehicle - ie. fuel truck, portable kitchen wagon, Engineering vehicle, etc

Program: TBD


Contest:   Turkeys - Any vehicle that did not meet expectations either in real life or kit form

Program: TBD

December  Annual Holiday Party, Blind Gift Exchange, Food

Contest:   Build the Same Subject (BTSS) -  Aircraft -Lancaster or MiG-25 any scale

                                                                                   Military Vehicle - M-18 Hellcat

                                                                                   Civilian Vehicle -  Land Rover

                                                                                   Sci-Fi – Vessels from the StarBlazers TV series

                                                                                               Contest & Activities subject to change

Read the Annual BTSS Rules here