Impact of  the Corona Virus (COVID-19)on our monthly meetings

All Fairfax Country Public Schools will remain closed thru the end of the current school season. Since this is a very fluid situation, we have no estimate at present of when when our monthly meetings will resume. In addition to being posted on this site, everyone enrolled in our Google Group Forum will receive instant updates of the latest developments.


Until we can meet again in person your E-board has developed a procedure for virtual meetings using the online Zoom platform and a virtual contest using Google Forms. If you are enrolled in our Google Groups Forum you will receive notifications on dates, times and how to access the meetings & contest. 

If you are not enrolled in Google Forms, please click here to join:!forum/northernvirginiamodelers

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Meetings & Schedule


January 7   Meeting Cancelled due to weather event

February 11

Program:  Aaron Hamilton - Armor in the Battle of Berlin - Club member Aaron Hamilton will provide an overview of German and Soviet armor that took part in the Battle of Berlin. Drawing on a decade of research, he will utilize a number of previously unpublished, and some color photos, to show the variants and markings used by both sides.

Contest:  I see Red – any vehicle colored red or which major parts are in any shade of the color red.   

March 10

Program:  Jon Guttman - Latin American Flyboys of World War I - Their names don’t resound quite as much as those of Manfred von Richthofen, Georges Guynemer or Jimmy McCudden, but a large contingent of volunteer airmen from Central and South America made varying marks in the French air service during the first great air war. No all were Hispanic—Argentine ace Bernard Artigau was of Basque birth, Géronimo Wilmart de Glymes was of Belgian descent and Peru’s prewar pioneer flier Juan Belovucic was of Serbian background. Some, like Artigau and Vicente Almandos Almonacid, returned home to help develop aviation in Argentina, or Santiago Campuzano García and Francisco Terry Sanchez likewise in Cuba. The vast majority of them entered the French air service via the Foreign Legion, though Venezuela has the unique distinction of siring an airman on each side:  French bombardier Mario Velázquez Machado and fighter pilot Carlos Meyer Baldó, who scored four victories with Jagdgeschwader I, the Red Baron’s Flying Circus. All made some contribution and a few inevitably gave their lives.

Contest:  Hot Damn, It’s Gundam – Any Gundam robot  (this will serve as a test to see what the club interest is.  MC19 may have had a big turnout but what will the club do.)


April 15   Rescheduled - Virtual Meeting & Contest

Program: Vince Mankowski on Natural Metal Finishes.   

Contest:  Korean War-  Any vehicle from any nation involved in the Korean War


May 13  Rescheduled - Virtual Meeting & Contest

Program:  Steve Suddaby - From Venice to Edinburgh:  Aerial Bombing in 1916. - This is a continuation of Steve's presentation in January 2019, in which he gave an overview of WWI aerial bombing from 1914 through 1915.  It will cover Austrian naval flying boats attacking Venice, German Zeppelins raiding Edinburgh, and everything in between.

Contest:   Birds of a Feather Any vehicle named for any type of bird or avian creature – e.g. Albatross, Eagle, Falcon, Kingfisher, Gulf Hawk


June 3  Rescheduled - Virtual Meeting & Contest

Program: Chuck Fralick will speak about Submarines in the Pacific Theatre during World War Two

Contest:   Pin-Ups – Any historically accurate artwork on a vehicle.  Any time frame.  This can include "Air-A-Cutie" on a P-39 or "Trooper" on a Pacific WW2 M-4 Sherman Tank" etc.


July   Date TBD

Program:   Charley Gosse – The Gun in the Exhibit – A WWI German I.M.G. 08 aircraft machine gun, a postcard of a French National Hero, and a challenge within the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum.  Charley will lead us through a detective story to unravel events that occurred over 100 years ago.

Contest: - UK TV - Any vehicle created in the United Kingdom for a TV series or movie.


August  Date TBD

Program:  Vince Mankowski - Dioramas Part 2 - A continuation of Vince's 2019 presentation, Vince will discuss how to plan, lay out, balance, and compose settings for our models and some simple techniques for groundwork and bases.

Contest:   The Heat is on – Any vehicle used in Earth’s desert conflicts. 


September  Date TBD

Program: Dana Bell- Subject TBD

Contest:   Upcycling – Create a vehicle of any type from any household material that you would normally recycle

October   Date TBD

Program: Haagen Klaus -The Age of the Super Hornet:  A Historical and Scale Modeling Overview of the F/A-18E/F in U.S. Navy Service.

The first two decades of the 21st century saw most of the U.S. Navy's diverse range of carrier-based naval aircraft replaced by the F/A-18 Super Hornet. The presentation reviews the key events in the development, flight test, ongoing operational lifetime, and future of the versatile F/A-18E and F/A-18F. Throughout the talk, key features of the Block I and Block II aircraft will also be examined with an eye to the scale modeler. 

Contest:   X-craft – Any vehicle considered experimental


November Date TBD

Program:   John Figueroa - Basic LED Lighting - John will go through the basics of LED types, LED biasing, LED wiring, and basic soldering techniques.  Also covered will be how to develop a lighting plan for your project.

Contest:    Unmanned and underway – Any drone vehicle – e.g. X-47 UCAV, Predator, Reaper, self driving cars, Firebee drones, QF-4s, etc.


December  Date TBD

Annual Holiday PartyWrapped Kit Swap, Member of the Year Award, Group Photo

Contest:  BTSS -  A4 Skyhawk, PxKpfw VI Tiger tank, Star Wars X-Wing

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