Fairfax High School

3501 Lion Run (Formerly Rebel Run), Fairfax, VA


Northern Virginia Modelers

Meetings & Schedule


August 4  

Contest:Abandoned Any vehicle left to rot, decay or seen in a decrepit state, Any country, Any time frame.

Program: Members will talk about their contest entry

September 8

Contest: Lands Down UnderAny vehicle from a country south of the Equator, Any time frame.

Program: TBD


October 5 

Contest: It's Halloween Any monster or horror kit

Program: TBD


November 3 

Contest:Snapshot in time - Any diorama

Program: TBD


December 8

Contest: BTSS – Aircraft:  Bf 109

                             Armor:    Merkava

                             Sci-Fi:    Battlestar Galactica Vipers

                             Vehicles: American Muscle Cars 1965-1972

 Program: Annual Holiday Party

Contest subjects and Programs for 2022 coming soon

Read the BTSS Rules here