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Fairfax High School

3501 Lion Run (Formerly Rebel Run), Fairfax, VA


Northern Virginia Modelers

Contest Themes & Programs


April 5   

Contest:   Gimmicks - Any model with toy like working features

Program: Haagen Klaus -  Coverage of the Aerospace Valley Airshow held at Edwards AFB in October 2022 on the 75th anniversary of supersonic flight. This talk provides a look at much of the current Edwards test fleet, from the F-22 to the F-16, F-35, B-1B, KC-135, B-52, KC-46, and X-62 VISTA in the air and on the ground.  NASA assets such as the F-15B, F/A-18C, and the last flights of the SOFIA airborne observatory are also featured. We also got a look at rare Air Force Flight Test Museum aircraft such as the F-16XL, A-10 NAW, SR-71, and lifting bodies. The presentation also provides a detailed walk-around at the full-scale movie prop of the hypersonic "Darkstar" aircraft fabricated by Lockheed's Skunk Works for the 2022 film Top Gun: Maverick.       

May 3 

Contest:   Size Matters Not - Build the smallest model you can

Program: Kurram "Khumar" Abbas   "Airbrushing with Acrylics" 

Description: Knowledge of several basic skills in airbrushing open doors for scale modelers to sophisticated painting techniques that produce impressive results. This demonstration covers topics from thinner mixtures for acrylic paints, how to properly airbrush acrylics versus solvent based paints, three types of common camouflage pattern airbrushing with acrylics, and how to easily clean up acrylics. 

June 14 

Contest:   The War to end All Wars -  Any vehicle from WW I.

Program: Ben Hardaway - Modeling the Essex Class Carriers


Contest:   Tiger Meet - Any vehicle from a Tiger Meet event or with tiger like decor

Program: Jim Rotramel - Operation Eldorado Canyon (Pt. 1)


Contest:   Pixels - Any vehicle/figure with a pixel type camouflage or scheme

Program: TBD


Contest:   Classrooms - Any multi-seat vehicle used for military training

Program: TBD


Contest:   They Also Served - Any military support vehicle - ie. fuel truck, portable kitchen wagon, Engineering vehicle, etc

Program: TBD


Contest:   Turkeys - Any vehicle that did not meet expectations either in real life or kit form

Program: TBD

December  Annual Holiday Party, Blind Gift Exchange, Food

Contest:   Build the Same Subject (BTSS) -  Aircraft -Lancaster or MiG-25 any scale

                                                                                   Military Vehicle - M-18 Hellcat

                                                                                   Civilian Vehicle -  Land Rover

                                                                                   Sci-Fi – Vessels from the StarBlazers TV series

   Contest & Activities subject to change

Read the Annual BTSS Rules here

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