Fairfax High School

3501 Lion Run (Formerly Rebel Run), Fairfax, VA


Northern Virginia Modelers

Contest Themes & Programs


June 1   Contest: Video models – any model of a vehicle found in an online video game series.  Star Trek online, Star Wars online, World of Tanks, World of Planes, World of Ships or any other online game.

Program: TBD

July 6     

Contest: What Could Have Been – any vehicle that was under development and then got cancelled for any reason.  e.g. CF-105, TSR-2, XB-70, other vehicles cancelled before they went into full production..

Program: TBD

August 3

Contest: Need for Speed – Bring in any vehicle whose max speed was super fast  For Airplanes  Mach 2+, Cars  200+mph, etc.  Can also be vehicles whose speed set records for its respective decade.

Program: TBD


Contest: U.S. Air Force at 75. Bring in any USAF vehicles from 1947 to current.

Program: TBD


Contest: Piggyback – Bring in any vehicle that could be piggybacked onto another vehicle,  e.g. Mistel, SR-71/D-21, Shuttle/747, etc.

Program: TBD


Contest: Family portrait.  Bring in a collection of the same family of vehicles perhaps in different markings or variants.  e.g. Spitfires, A-4s, F-4s, B-17s, Sherman tanks, etc.

Program: TBD


Contest: Build the Same Subject – Supermarine Spitfire, M1 Abrams, Starship USS Enterprise, Stock Cars (All subjects can be any scale and any kit)

Program: Annual Holiday Party

                                                                                               Contest & program subject to change

Read the Annual BTSS Rules here